VIP Experiences at Bricklane

Hello all Chatora people,

I know it’s been a while that I have been away from my blog. But, I never refrain myself from hogging around and discovering places. Continuing my culinary journey in the IT capital of India this time I got a chance to explore Bricklane Grill, Escape Hotel & Spa.

A day off from work with no alarm clock and whining around was a much needed break for me. Added to this my super cool friends Jeeshan and Pranav to ping me for lunch. So, I was invited to Bricklane Grill, by Vip tables to explore a specially curated menu.

Firstly, I literally curse myself that I have visited The Black Rabbit so many times but why on earth I never rolled up my eyes to have a glance of this beautiful place? My Bad! But then, it’s the VIP tables who actually thought that I should make a visit to Bricklane.

This astonishing place is holed up at 100ft Road on Indiranagar.  The moment I entered this place, I was drawn away by its Interiors. The most eye catching part was “All whites”! This place takes all the possible high score when it comes to Perfect ambiance and alfresco dinning to enjoy the lush greenery and the amazing Bangalore breeze. European décor with white walls, plain white furniture, wrought iron grills and Victorian Lamps. The place is absolutely beautiful and I just fell in love with the ambiance.

I was starving and sadly arrived late for lunch, thanks to the Bangalore Traffic that never fails to amaze me. It was time to finally start my culinary journey at Bricklane.

Soup Time!

White bean cappuccino and Toasted Garlic Bread


My lunch started with a delightful soup. White bean cappuccino accompanied with Toasted Garlic Bread.

Looked absolutely stunning and was piping hot. I loved the textures consisting of very finely chopped vegetables, Olive oil, mushrooms and loads of cream. The Garlic Bread complimented well with Creamy Cappuccino.


Veg Tabouleh


Traditional Middle Eastern tabbouleh is more about the mint and herbs than the bulgur grains. The way it was presented was pretty amazing. The best part about this was it was not like those boring green salads. The colorful ingredients like pomegranate, carrots, lemon, Coriander not only made it look appealing but it was also very refreshing. Worth a try‼

Spicy Crisp Lotus Stem

lotus steam.jpg

Being a sindhi, I have always loved Lotus Stem. As soon as it was served on the table I just had a smile on my face because it’s been a while that I didn’t have Lotus stem. Absolutely crisp with Honey and Chili making an amazing start of my lunch at Bricklane. I couldn’t stop munching. Plus points for the crispiness.


Veg Mezze Platter


Mezze Platter being my favorite is ordered very often whenever I got out with my friends. Luckily, this was on the menu. 🙂

The Mezze platter consisting of Hummus, Moutabel, Labneh, Beet Tzatziki, Marinated Olives and Lavash.

I have been a great fan of Mezze Platter, Moutabel & Beetroot Tzatziki having a soft corner in my heart. The platter was good. Size was appropriate but overall it could have been a lil better. But, I loved hummus and Labneh dips. The consistency of both the dips were perfect.


Indian Spice Rubbed Portobello Mushroom, Kadai Paneer


Well, to start off, plus points for presentation. It’s these lil things that actually tempt you more to try out different cuisines. Being a vegetarian I know I have less options and Mushroom and Panner both being my favorite came in a package. Portobello Mushroom, is an extremely large, dark brown mushroom that is simply the fully mature form of the crimino, which in turn is a variation of the common cultivated white mushroom. Paneer was absolutely soft and fresh. Gravy had very strong flavors of the spices with made it delightful and blended well with both Mushrooms and Panner. Overall it was made to perfection. It was accompanied with Kulcha (Indian Bread). Finding such ambrosial dishes is Bangalore added to this is the perfect ambiance is a cherry on the cake.


Kuch Meetha hojaye!

My luching session can never be complete without the desserts and yes I always have extra space in my tummy for this. 🙂

Mango & Basil Panncotta

mango n basi;


Who said there is a separate season for Mangoes? I don’t really believe the fact after having this cute looking and luscious dessert. Finely Sliced Alphonso Mangoes to blend well with the mouse and best part was the consistency. Absolutely Perfect!!

Chocolate Mud Pot


This came in an actual hemispherical mud pot with chocolate soil and mint leaves, the soil appeared to be a real one. Presentation was absolutely stunning.  The pot was made of chocolate which was frizzed. This could be cracked and eaten later.  The chocolate soil and white cream was combination with nuts and crumbled biscuits.  This particular dessert was the show stopper. I was full but I wished I could have more of it. A perfect ending to my lunch was this Chocolate Mud Pot which is a Must Try Dessert at Bricklane Grill.


I absolutely loved dining at Bricklane grill and enjoyed my lunch.Thanks to the VIP Table & Bricklane for an actual VIP Experience. A specially curated menu for the guests is something innovative and incredible. Make sure you check out this place for a breath taking experience.

Book your table here: 

Time for the results!

What’s so hot?

White bean cappuccino and Toasted Garlic Bread

What’s chilled?

Chocolate Mud Pot

What’s a Must Try Dish?

Indian Spice Rubbed Portobello Mushroom, Kadai Paneer & Veg Tabouleh


Well Deserved!

Coming to an end of my gastronomical journey at Bricklane Grill, Escape Hotel & Spa, I would like to Thank a few people who made it possible made sure that I enjoyed the whole experience.

Jeeshan & Pranav from VIP Tables

Gaev, GM, Escape Hotel  & Spa. Thank you for dinning with me and being an amazing host. Ranveer & Manasa, Escape Hotel  & Spa: Thank You for inviting me.

I was mesmerized by the whole experience and would highly recommend this place.

I hope you all liked my post. Do drop in your feedback in the comment box.

Thank You in anticipation.

Happy Hogging!! 🙂

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Vapour-ised Evening

How do you feel after a very tiring day at work? Well, I just feel to go explore some new place, good food and chill with my friends. That’s when I get to recharge myself for the next day.

Recently, I got an Invite from FBAI and VIP Tables for a fun filled evening at Vapour. I couldn’t say a no just because of the fact that this place was on my To Do List in Bangalore.

Located on 100 Ft road in Indiranagar, this place catches all the attention of the people. Just as I entered the place the Cozy Interiors and vast expanse of Pub just took me away. Staff was very helpful and escorted me to the VIP Table.


Sooner, we were escorted by Prashant who showed us how the Beer is made and it’s not really as simple as you think. A very slow process of how you actually get the perfect taste and fine beer is what was explained to us by making a visit to this brewery.




Honestly, I’m not a Beer person at all but yes I love to gain knowledge about Food & Drinks and this was something I always wanted to know. Getting to learn and explore allot more than just those bottle drinks was something worth it. Little did we know that this place is the second Brewery of Namma Bengaluru! Four levels of Brewery offering different spaces to chill out. Ranging from a typical pub offering good Music by DJ’s, a lounge with a big screen to watch out for match, a place to chill at rooftop terrace or a cozy little space for you and your friends. This place has it all.

Finally we got seated in the Kebab room. It was Tuesday which was celebrated as a Cluesday at vapour, wherein every Tuesday a quiz-master hosts a quiz for the public and the winner gets a chance to be the next quiz-master.

Kebab Room


We were starving really hard and very soon we got the food on our table.


Corn n  Cheese

We couldn’t wait anymore and started with Corn and Cheese Bits. To be very honest, I wasn’t amazed by this dish and it was nothing new and out of this world. But a good try to start your meal. The combination of Cheese and Corn Blends really well so one can give it s try.



We ordered Veg Platter, consisting of Veg Seekh, Paneer Tikka, Cheese filled Potato Rings and some vegetables.

Paneer Tikka: One of my all time favourite! Went really well with Green coriander chutney and grilled to perfection. A must at Vapour!

Veg Seekh: Tasted really well and very soft and soomth as and when you chew them but could have been much better.

Cheese filled potato Rings: I really didn’t enjoy the stuffing of cheese. Could have been cooked well.




For a few people like me who don’t drink beer we had options for mocktails. I ordered virgin Mojito to accompany with my food. Tasted really well and was really refreshing. A must try drink!




Since two veg platter were not enough for people like us, we ordered Farmer’s Favorite Veg Pizza.

Looked absolutely tempting and went really well with our Virgin Mojito. It had back olives, mushrooms, jalapeño, onions, and green capsicum with topping of sweet corn.


It was getting late and we had to leave since it was a weekday otherwise would have sat and hogged more! 😀


Blogger's Selfie

But overall a very nice and chilled evening with people who share the same passion as mine of being a food lover. Thank you FBAI – Sameer & Saloni for the invite and VIP Tables – Jishan. Jasmine and Pranav for being the lovely host for the evening.

Happy Hogging




Back with a Bang!

Back with a Bang!

Hello All Chatora People!

It’s Been a Looooooong time! Apologies for not being active with my posts. There were some major changes in my life. Many might know, those who don’t lemme just update you, I recently shifted to Bangalore for moving on with my career apart from blogging about food. It’s been like three to four months already and I just didn’t realize that the time went by so fast.

Been exploring this super cool place with uber classy restaurants and have discovered a bit so far. There is more yet to be explored because this city is massive when it comes to food and party apart from those IT hubs!

Well, one thing I noticed here in past few months is that there are very few places that serve North Indian food. Since Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city and people coming from all parts of the world you’ll find a more of International Cuisines. But, for people like me who are born to eat can enjoy this place no matter what. Indulging in the some flavorsome cuisines over here is what I do almost on every weekend! 😛

So here are some Kick-ass places that I have visited so far and I wish to dine again!

The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit

The Black Rabbit (Picture From Zomato)

I still remember it was like my first weekend in Bangalore since I shifted and I visited this place with one of my friend. The name itself was so catchy that I couldn’t say a no! This whimsical place is holed up at 100ft Road on Indiranagar.  The moment I entered this place, I was drawn away by its Swanky Interiors. The most eye catching part was the giant bowls hanging upside down on the ceiling.

But, what I loved about this place was there Burgers! This place excels in some kick-ass burgers!

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

Spicy Crispy Vegetable burger

The moment it arrived on the table I was excited and couldn’t wait to eat it. I was highly impressed by the stuffing which consisted of Mayonnaise, Jalapeño, Grilled Zucchini, Gherkins, Grilled Onions, Grilled Tomatoes and Loads of Cheese.  The vegetables stuffed inside the patty were juicy.  The size was really apt that you cannot think of consuming anything else after having this! Absolutely fell in love with this Burger and the Mustard sauce they served with the Pickle was the show stealer!


Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

I bumped into this place on a Sunday for Easter brunch celebration. Honestly, we were searching for a good place to dine and almost every place in Indiranagar had an hour waiting. We were lucky enough to find a table at this place. As soon as we entered this place seemed to be really small and we doubted if we could actually dine there. But the best part was that they have arranged the seating in such a way that the place won’t look cranky. The Interiors are Funky and Stylish with Pop music adding some extra points to it!

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Chees

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese

Well seeing this name on the menu I quickly made a perception in mind that this is going to be a typical North Indian Dish. I was almost jumping that finally I found something from the place I belong. As soon as the Dish was served, I was Amazed. It seemed like something really different to what we ordered. But, to be frank the Chef was a Master Mind to convert an Indian Dish into an International one. The Kebabs were served with 4 Pavs, which had an altogether different taste and were truly complementing with the Kebabs.


They were light smoked plantain and Moong dal kebabs which were stuffed with cottage cheese and herbs. They seemed to be really light but when you actually start eating them you can feel each and every flavour of the herbs and spices. The cottage cheese was absolutely fresh and grabbed all the attention! A total lip smacking dish!


Go Veg!

Go Veg!

Go Veg!

Oh yes! A Burger again! All these months I have been eating loads of Burgers! Go veg was something I wanted to try from the Menu. After the Scrumptious kebabs, I was almost full but there was something more waiting for me. The best part about the food over here is there classy presentation. Even if you are full the presentation will make you hungry all over again. Go Veg Burger was something very giant to me after my heavy starters. The patty was absolutely brilliant in taste. It consisted of some Diced Carrots, Potatoes, Kidney Beans and Green Peas added to it my favourite Extra Cheese to make it more heavenly. A stunning Burger on Easter just made my Day!



If you ever say me a place where I wish to dine every day. I would say Truffles Ice and Spice.

A place very near to my new home in Bangalore and where I can bump in anytime for some Kickass burgers and mouth-watering pastries. The interiors itself are very inviting. Though the place is really small and compact but the vibrant loud music and good food will definitely catch your attention.

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Crunchy Veggies Burger

Well, all those who love kothey or I should say crispy vegetable…What If I told you to serve them in a Burger??  I’m sure by now you might have started craving! The Crunchy Veggies Burger at Truffles is something to die for and I can eat it almost every day. It has some deep fried vegetable covered with tangy sauce and tastes exactly like Vegetable Kothey or Crispy Vegetables found in the Northern region of India. It tastes heavenly and absolutely very crispy! That’s a must try for whoever visits Truffles!

Italian Pasta Alfredo

I have tried their pasta in pesto sauce but that has never amazed me so much.  But, if you wish to try something Italian make sure to check out their Italian Pasta Alfredo. Ask them for some extra Cheese on it to make it more divine. Since it’s made in White mushroom sauce it’s a must try for all the people who love pasta.

One can accompany some chilled drinks with it. My Favorite is Hazelnut Frappe!



The Biere Club

Landed up to this place with no prior plans and out of the blue since it was a weekend and all the places had waiting for an hour while it was raining really heavily in Bangalore. We two girls were lucky enough to grab seats at this place even though it was jam packed. The best part about this place is its Location. Standing at the junction of Vittal Mallya and Lavelle road just opposite the UB City is a major plus point to grab the attention of many people. Even though being in high competition with other places surrounded on the same road this place makes its way being at the corner of the road.

The interiors are of solid woodwork making it a cozy place. The place looks really compact and small from the outside but is huge from inside with really good seating arrangements.

Mediterranean Kebabs

Cheese Sheek Kebab

Cheese Sheek Kebabs

Cheese Sheek Kebabs

At first the menu seemed to be quiet confusing to me as to what should be ordered since we were starving.  We thought of experimenting so we called in for Cheese Sheek Kebabs.  The presentation was not that appealing to me but the taste was something that changed my mind totally. Extremely delicate soft and smooth in taste the kebabs were the stars of the evening. Made in Pesto marinated char grilled cottage cheese and served with romesco and harrisa. The sauces totally complemented the kebabs along with the flat breads. This was something I shall order the next time I visit this place.

The Biere Club’s Plank Pizzas

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Tomato Mozzarella Pizza

Wanted to try their Four Cheese Pizza but unfortunately that wasn’t available. So, decided to call in for Tomato Mozzarella Pizza. The size was huge for two girls to finish up. The crust was extremely thin and a lil crisp making it more tempting but I won’t say it was something new. Probably, a regular one that could be found in any other restaurants as well.


Tossed Pasta Fettuccine

Tossed Pasta Fettuccine

The actual problem occurred when we called in for the pasta and they forgot to place our order in their kitchen. Waiting for a while after our complain and found that the steward mistakenly brought spaghetti while we ordered for Penne. He was kind enough to get that changed but we thought to give it a try. The Pasta was light creamy with thin chopped mushrooms, parmesan and basil oil. It was a lil sweet and wasn’t really of my liking.  I won’t say it was bad but something that I won’t wish to try out again. Maybe because I can find better options on the menu next time.





What’s so hot?

Veg Kebabs with Fresh Cottage Cheese at Monkey Bar.


What’s chilled?

Hazelnut Frappe at Truffles.


What’s Yummy for my Tummy?

Crunchy Veggies Burger at Truffles and Cheese Sheek Kebab at The Biere Club.



The Black Rabbit: 4/5

Truffles Ice & Spice: 4.5/5

Monkey Bar: 4.5/5

The Biere Club: 3.5/5


Here comes an end of my post of some places which I have visited in Bangalore couple of times.  Many more new and amazing places yet to be explored.

Also, apologies for low resolution pictures. My DSLR Cameras are in hometown.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Make sure to drop in a comment. I love reading your feedback.

Till then Happy Hogging! 😀

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A Royal Journey‼ (La Kuchina, Jehan Numa Palace)

A Royal Journey‼

Well, First of all heartfelt apologies for being away from my blog! It’s been a really long time with some Major changes in my life. Also, there were some technical issues with the YouTube channel for which the video review was published late. Now that the things are sorted, I couldn’t stop myself from writing. 🙂

It was a sunny day when I decided to review this royal place which is known by almost all the Bhopali’s and I am pretty much sure that most of you must have visited this place or must have seen it in Mr. Prakash Jha’s movies. 😀

I am talking about our very own La Kuchina, Jehan Numa Palace. A rare fusion of contemporary comfort and care.

Set on the slope of Shamla Hill the Palace presents a charming medley of colonial style, princely Indian culture and unexpected modern trendiness.

La Kuchina with its open kitchen concept, rough white walls, warm burnt sienna flooring and traditional Sicilian style décor evokes the warmth and hospitality of coastal Italy.

I got a really warm welcome by the staff and Chef Vincent Marques who is the Executive Chef of Jehan Numa Palace had a special Menu for me. Though I have visited this place so many times with my friends but tasting Chef’s Special menu is incredible.

So, I started my lunching session with my First Course.


As I have mentioned earlier that I am not a soup fan when dinning out. Just because of the fact that half of the stomach gets filled with soup only. But when I heard the name Cappuccino I just couldn’t say a no to it. It was Piping hot, light green in colour with thick white coloured foam and garnished with Almonds. It was creamy with fine textures of broccoli. Tasted absolutely brilliant.

The Super Chatori


Next came the Salad! The very amazing thing that I got to know that they have their own Chef’s garden. The Lettuce was from there in house garden which was fresh and organic. The salad was really colourful and very appealing to the eyes. It had beetroot, pear, candied walnuts, lettuce and Danish Blue Cheese. Blue cheese is loved by very few people and goes with very rear cuisines. The salad was super healthy and yummy.



Then came the Pizza‼ Mamamiyaaa….. I just start drooling when I hear Pizza! 😀

The thin caprese pizza was absolutely thin and crunchy! The little red tomatoes with mozzarella di buffalo cheese added more charm to it.



Next was my favourite one. Mushroom and Spinach lasagne with bell pepper coulis made in basil oil.

OMG! The presentation was terrific. Taste even more terrific. This ambrosial dish is to be loved and enjoyed whenever you visit this place.

lasagana final

lasag final


My lunch would be incomplete without the dessert. So next came the Molten Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Chocolate brownie s my favourite and I was absolutely lost in a different world having it. Vanilla Ice Cream goes really well with brownie. It was a Super Yummy ending of my lunching session!

choco fina;

chocolate final

Not to forget I also had Orange Daiquiri Mocktail which was absolutely chilled and tangy‼

with chef

With Chef Vincent Marques

I just cannot forget this incredible place and the food I had over here. This place is one of the only places in Bhopal which serves authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. If you still haven’t visited this place…..what are you waiting for? People living outside Bhopal, make sure you check out this place. You’ll love it. 🙂

What’s so hot?

Brocolli Cappuccino With Almond Flakes


What’s chilled?

Salad Of Home Grown Lettuce

What’s Yummy for my Tummy?

Mushroom and Spinach lasagne

What’s the Happy Factor?

             Molten Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Will I visit this place again?

YES! 🙂



Well Deserved!



Coming to an end of my review of La Kuchina, Jehan Numa Palace, I would like to thank some people.


Mr. Saleem Quraishi

Manager Sales & Marketing, Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

Chef Vincent Marques

Executive Chef, Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

F & B Departement , Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

I am glad that my Video review is still a hit on YouTube channel and this is because of the love and support of the people you encourage and motivate me t do even better.

Also showcasing my Video Review of this place‼

I hope you all liked my post. Do drop in your feedbacks in the comment box.

Thank You in anticipation.

Happy Hogging‼

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Bay Leaf Completes 100 Days!!

Bay Leaf Completes 100 Days!!


Bay Leaf, Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

Hello all the chatora people!

It’s been a long time! Well, to start off, I take criticisms positively. Obviously one loves to be appreciated for their work, but an honest learner is the one who accepts all the criticism and works upon his/her weakness. By now you must be thinking Mudra has turned her food blog into a philosophy blog. Right?

Well No, not really. Recently, I came across a friend of mine who gave an honest feedback. You guys must be remembering my Birthday Dinner Post, which was a massive hit. That person wrote that new restaurants are not worth being trusted in their starting days, it’s the 100th day you actually get to know if they are really good. I guess, the person was right in a way. But frankly, that comment was really pinching me every now and then and I actually gave due thought over it. Just because of the fact that I finally trusted a restaurant for scrumptious cuisines, reading that feedback was a lil hard for me. I was in Mumbai last month and I finally planned out that I would review that place again when it completes 100 days. Also, I used to take feedback from my friends who consulted me before visiting this place. As soon as I came back to my hometown and was done with my MBA final term exams, I got to know that BAY LEAF has started with Lunch on Sundays. More awesome news came when I was asked by the Co-Founder of Food Bloggers Association of India Mr. Sameer Malkani, to do a Video Reviewing of any place of Bhopal. Such great news! 2nd December 2014 Bay leaf completed 100 days. I couldn’t wait anymore and finally I landed up at Bay Leaf, Courtyard by Marriott on a Sunday. 6 hours of shooting and 2 days of hardcore editing. The video was finally up and it is the best Video review on FBAI Channel. The first day itself it crossed 200 views. It’s still getting a great response. I always wanted to do something of this sort and it finally happened. 🙂 Just because of the time limit I could review only few dishes. Here is a description of the Food & Beverages that I had and would recommend everyone to try whenever you visit Bay Leaf.

Bay Leaf is the First and only fine dining restaurant in Bhopal and serves the Best and exotic Indian cuisines.

Outer area

Bay Leaf Restaurant

Since I was shooting and was thirsty enough so I called in for Strawberry float and Mojito. I have tried out MOJITO many a times and is at its best always.




Strawberry float was something new that I tried. It’s a pink colour drink sweet drink with 7up, strawberry syrup and vanilla ice cream. It was so brilliant that now whenever I visit Bay Leaf, this would be ordered first. 😀

strawberry Float new

Strawberry Float

It’s Soup Time!

I am not a soup fan whenever I eat out just because of the fact that I feel half of the stomach gets full due to soup for which I might not be able to consume my meals properly! 😛

But, Chef Ajay was very kind letting me taste the soup.


Normally, restaurants serve instant packed soups. I was highly impressed that Bay Leaf believes in serving fresh food. It was an actual Tomato soup with green coriander and was served with crispy wheat. I was also happy to see the size of the soup bowl. Really apt, so that you don’t fill your stomach with soup only. 🙂


Shorba Timater




Tried this for the very first time and absolutely loved it. The presentation was Terrific. The outer layer of the Rolls is made of Dosa Batter. Stuffing is of fresh grated coconut, green chillies, coriander seeds and Mustard Seeds. Served with Chutney. I never thought Dosa can be like this, probably a totally new version of dosa. 😀 Superb in taste. Outer layer was piping hot & crisp while inside stuffing was delicious.

coconut stuffed rolls

Coconut Stuffed Rolls



Tried this last time and I just could not ignore this. My favourite starter. The presentation is highly innovative and extremely eye catching. Especially, the droppers on the top filled with sauces make you just keep looking at the dish and just think ‘hats off to whoever thought of this’. 😀  It is a sensational ceviche with finely chopped potato slices and cheese. The layers are so fine and smooth that as soon as you put it in your mouth it starts melting and one can feel each and every layer of it.

potato cheese n chilly gallete

Potato Cheese N Chilly Galette




This was specially presented by Chef for me to try out and I’m a chatori. How can I say a no to it? 😀

Khumb is Mushrooms. So Shahi Khumb Galoutti is basically a gallete made of Mushrooms. Tasted absolutely brilliant. So soft and tantalizing to taste buds. Loved it‼

Paneer Tikka. OMG‼ Such a brilliant paneer tikka I ever had. I remember, I used to visit BBQ nation and Grillopolis for good Barbeque food whenever in Mumbai. But then this thing just blew my mind away. Never tasted this brilliant Paneer Tikka ever. Paneer was so soft and fresh. Grilled perfectly. Normally, in other restaurants, it’s either over cooked or under cooked. This was just made to perfection.

khumbh n paneer tikka

Shahi Khumb Galouti & Paneer Tikka



So, tried their Chickpea Ravioli for the very first time as suggested by the Chef. It was such ambrosial and divine Ravioli. Brilliantly made! It had beans, olives, coconut and was so creamy! I absolutely fell in love with it! Goes up straight on top of the list to be ordered again on my next visit.


Chickpea Ravioli


The first thought when you hear this name comes is Kadai- Indian; Ratatouille- French. Tandoori French? 😀 Well Yes! That is something called as brilliance! It’s a Paneer role with loads of stuffing inside, served with tomato gravy. Absolutely mouth-watering cuisine. The best part was that I could feel the flavours and spices of it.  Make sure you try this!

paneer caneloni

Paneer Cannelloni With Kadai Ratatouille



This is again one of my favourite. Dal makhani, absolutely out of this world. Now, what makes it so different is that the addition of the coal smoke. How small things make a big change! The Dal was again made to perfection. Such a heavenly delight!


Dal makhani n sheermaal roti

Dal Makhani and Sheermaal Roti


If you’ve ordered dal makhani, make sure you try their Sheermaal roti. It’s saffron flavoured and yellow in colour. Superbly made. Also, try their Garlic naan. For a person like me who eats a lot, butter on the roti is mandatory. That’s when you actually feel you’re eating something. If you are health conscious you can order plain garlic naan. 🙂

Khush hai zamana aaj pehli tarikh hai! Meetha hai khana aaj JO BHI Tarikh hai!

Yes, you guys must have witnessed this line by me using it on every social media on 1st of every month. Well, to me it doesn’t really matter if it’s 1st of the month or whatever the date is. A sweet is a sweet, that it mandatory for people like me who love eating. So, it was time to be happy again! Oh, I mean kuch meetha hojaye! 🙂



So, next came the Serradura. A goan sweet, made with thick condensed milk, Marie biscuits crumbles and roasted almonds. Presentation was again superb and I was relishing every bit of it. Loved it!

sweet  serraduraaaaaa


sweet serredura


I loved my King size lunch at Bay leaf. If you like dabbling in new cuisines and love fine dining, this is the place to be!

So, Bay Leaf passes the 100 day test?? After writing so much do I need to even say this? Yes, Yes and a BIG YES!

I am highly impressed that they maintained their standards. Not everyone can do that. For a place like Bhopal where people love eating but restaurants are not that amazing this place has taken the stride to change the culinary landscape of the city, for which I am happy about. 🙂

The Décor absolutely superb. Service is prompt and the Staff is very friendly and co-operative.

Chef Ajay

The person whom I call Master Magician, Chef Ajay Chaudhary.


New Introductions on my Blog
: 😀

What’s so hot?

Coconut Stuffed Rolls!


What’s chilled?

Strawberry Float!


What’s Yummy for my Tummy?

Chickpea Ravioli and Dal Makhani!


What’s the Happy Factor?



Will I visit this place again?

YES! Very Soon! 🙂



Well Deserved!


Coming to an end of my review of Bay Leaf I would like to thank some people.

Thank You to Mr. Elton Hurtis, G.M. Courtyard Marriott, Bhopal.

Chef Ajay Chaudhary, Executive Chef, Courtyard Marriott, Bhopal

Team F&B, Courtyard Marriott, Bhopal

Also, big thanks to the people who give honest feedback. Without your feedback I wouldn’t have been able to do something of this sort. 🙂

As mentioned above about my Video Review, I am Glad it became a massive hit on the YouTube Channel. This wouldn’t have been possible with the love and support of some people. Big Thanks to all those who liked it, shared it and Commented on it. As a token of thanks I am mentioning the names of few via this collage. 🙂

Apologies if I am missing some.

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

Also showcasing my Video Review of this place which has crossed 500 views in just one Week! 🙂

I hope you all liked my post. Do drop in your feedbacks in the comment box.

Thank You in anticipation.

Happy Hogging and See you Next year!

New Year wishes in advance! 🙂

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#IFBAatJW 2014

Hello Lovely People,

It’s been really Loooonnng time. How you doing? Well, you guys must be thinking that I am going to review some restaurant today. But, nooooo‼ Time for a change. Let me keep this post a lil more simple and friendly. Recently, I got to know how many people actually read my blog, how many just have a look at the mouth watering food pictures and how many point out my grammar! >.<
Well I was in Mumbai recently. Many might know due to social media. Those who don’t know, let me take the opportunity to tell you, I was at #IFBAatJW, an event organised by Food bloggers association of India.
I was very excited to be there from quiet a long time. Since it was planned a month back, I quickly planned out my trip to Mumbai. Also, if some could notice many food bloggers changed their name and used Hash tags regarding the event on Twitter. #IFBA2014 & #IFBAatJW.

Some questions that were annoying me every now and then,

1. Why am I going there?

Ans. Dude, its food bloggers awards. How can I miss this opportunity to be a part of it and meet people who possess the same interest as mine?! I am going there! (Evil grin)

2. There are going to be so many food bloggers. Some might be the Big daddies of food and beverages industry, how would all react? How am I going to connect with them?

Ans. FOOD. Connecting people. 😀

3. What to wear?

Ans. OMG! I am not a celebrity. Nor do I have some designers to get me a dress.

Well, then there is my mom, sister, my best friend and her elder sis (Designer by profession) and am all sorted! 😀

4. What’s gonna be on the menu? 😀

Ans. Something definitely mouth-watering for which I had to wait for 2 Nov.

Okay after all that Gyan about me and my inquisitive nature finally writing about the #IFBA2014


Finally the day came, 2nd November 2k14, arriving at JW Marriott, Meeting up with the people in real after being virtual friends.

Mr. Sameer Malkani (Co. Founder, FBAI)

It all started at 12’ Noon. The #IFBA Dialogues.


First session: “Social Media v/s Traditional Media

Some of the renowned people in the speaker’s panel. Now, it would be unfair to write about the discussion in a few words and I might just miss out many things. So I am just giving a glance of what was it all about.
Best highlights that I jotted down worth sharing were:

  1. “Food bloggers becoming journalist and Journalist becoming food bloggers” – Kalyan Karmakar (Finelychopped)


2.“It takes 8 secs for a human to grab their attention towards something, less than a goldfish” – Nikhila Palat (PR, Taj Mahal Palace)

3.“Power of a PAN rather than the power of a PEN” – Nikhila Palat

1 (2)

4. “Same potato Different names”

5. Everyone is a FOODIE, Critic, and Master in their field.

6. “When the waiter comes & dumps the chaas on the table – WE REALLY LIKE THAT YAAR‼” 😀 😀 – Annagh Desai (Do I even need to introduce him :O ??)
(It started with, that even the waiters and hoteliers can have a bad day and how bloggers give a critic on that. The dirty plates, messed up tables and when the waiter comes & dumps the chaas on the table – we like it yaar‼ 😛 How simple is that!)
(LOL 😀 Annagh Desai: You were the Jaan of the session! 😛 )



After a Brilliant First session and cake mixing ceremony came my favorite time “LUNCHING SESSION”. Lunch at Mezzo Mezzo, under the leadership of chef Davide Cananzi. OMG, I swear I loved it. Some piquant Italian cuisines were served to us that brought a smile on my face! 🙂

Second Session, started with “How restaurants and hotels are inventing new and interesting ways to engage diners.” Some of the renowned chefs of F&B industry and restaurateurs started the discussion.

The Brilliant Host: Chef Saransh Goila


Best Highlights:
1. People are more aware and know a lot these days.
2. Create value for money
3.”Do simple things right”
4. Innovation
5. “People don’t know what they want”
6. “Everybody is a chef today”
7. “Fusion is confusion” (For some)


The Selfie Ritual

After a High tea break came the third session of Home chef entrepreneur.
Some emerging and famous home chefs were the speakers.

Rushina M Ghildiyal, Amrita Kaur Ramsinghani and Sneha caught my eye!

Home Chefs

Presentation by Rushina

Then came a session hosted by Aditi Raghuwanshi who handles YouTube India.

A quick session how food bloggers are using YouTube and some famous YouTube channels.

Last but not the least one of my other favourite session on Mobile Food photography hosted by none other than “THE BIG BHOOKAD” Adarsh Munjal. 😀

What an amazing time spent with people who belong to food industry.

Later the day was the Awards night.

Finally, the time came. 😀

The Awards Night

So, the awards night was hosted by the youngest Chef “Saransh Goila” This guy needs a big pat on his back, for the work well done. Keeping all the audience entertained is a big task. To be honest, Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan have got some serious competition now! 😉

The Awards Selfie (Ritual)

I myself was nominated in the Restaurant Review Category. But, to be honest I had low hopes to win because I am still a fresher and being nominated with the person, who inspired me to start up blogging, was a BIG ACHIEVEMENT for me. If you could go in flashback, in my first post I wrote that I got inspired by one of my twitter friend to write blogs. Yes, finally I got a chance to meet him. He needs no introduction because his name is enough to describe him! 😛
Meet THE BIG BHOOKAD, Adarsh Munjal. 😀

The Big Bhookad and The Super Chatori! 😛

Meeting and greeting with some distinguished personalities of the food industry was Bliss! 🙂
Here are some pictures.




Awards night was followed by a scrumptious dinner. I swear, food connects so well that you make friends with everyone so easily! 😛

A day well spent at #IFBAatJW. Totally different experience. Incredible Evening and such lovely people.
A Big Thanks to Sameer Malkani, Co. Founder of Food Bloggers Association of India and Saloni M. Malkani for inviting me.

J.W.Marriott Hotel, Mumbai, for such brilliant hospitality and divine food. Since I myself was associated with Marriott Bhopal family I know how much they work hard for their guests. 🙂

The team of FBAI who were working on the event from a long time:
Jahan Bloch (toxic baker), Mohit Chotrani (Hungry Bawarchi) and Agnishwar Banerjee (Aye bee). Kudos for the good work‼
P.S. The video showcased at awards night was extremely hilarious. Please upload it on YouTube. I am sure you guys would get a good response! Hahah 😀

So, here it comes an end to a wonderful evening and my post as well.

Do let me know how it was!
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BIRTHDAY at BAY LEAF (Courtyard by Marriott)

(Courtyard by Marriott)

Hello Folks,

Lazy Sunday and a late post. Well firstly, you guys should wish me a Happy Birthday! 😀

Still in the birthday hangover and the Mouth watering food I had. People asked me what gift you want on your Birthday and my answer was “Food!!” Nothing makes me happier than having some scrumptious food at a good restaurant. Well, this was such a ‘Foodie Birthday’ for me. I had some 5 cakes and mouth watering meals past two days.

Who can imagine your mom & dad coming to you at 12 midnight with a small cake from Indore?

I think by now you guys would ask me out for a treat. Well, yes I believe in Birth week rather Birth Month! 😀

I would say I am such a Lucky person that, Courtyard by Marriott had their opening of their new restaurant “Bay Leaf” on the same day. I didn’t really know that my dad had arranged a surprise dinner for me at this place. 😀

Luckier to be at this place on the very first day, amongst  first few customers.

So here is the review of BAY LEAF.

Bay Leaf

A whole new restaurant that Courtyard by Marriott has come up with.  The ambiance is pretty awesome. It’s a small place but they would extent it very soon. Initially, they have started up with dinner and some executive and innovative cuisines that you might not have even heard of.

Looking at the menu, I was pretty much confused how to start up, but then Chef Ajay helped me out and he was very kind enough to help us decide the  whole dinner.

Here’s what I had and would recommend all the foodie people out there to come for a dinner at this place.


Bay Leaf offers Indian Cuisines and difference is that they use international techniques for this. 😀




We were at first served with some breads and dip to start off since we were starving. The Dip was absolutely yummy. It was sweet, salty and white colored.

Breads and Dip


This was served to us as soon as we were done with our breads and dip. Chilly Crumples were one of the yummiest things you should start with. It was filled with cheese stuffing and fried which made it Ping Pong hot and crispy from outside and smooth from inside. Also, the Aamchur Sauce was brilliant.




This was the appetizer drink that we were served. It had that typical Indian touch and was basically small shots of Pineapple which was salty and a little spicy. Tasted like a louki and tomato soup. But I loved it.




So, the first starters that was recommended by chef was “Potato cheese n chilly galette”


It was a sensational ceviche with finely chopped potatoes slices with cheese. The presentation was extremely innovative. Very Eye catchy dish and was brilliant in taste. I still cannot forget this divine thing. The potato slices were so fine with cheese filling that I could feel each and every layer of it in my mouth. They had added a dropper on the top filled with sauce which looked amazing.



Yes, I am a Bhopali and I love kebabs a lot. So, next came the “Kandhari palak tikki”


It was a spinach patty with pomegranate and fresh garlic cooked on a griddle with garlic yogurt. To be frank, my mom and I could not make out what was the binding element they used. It was so yummy! The spinach was so fresh and tasted brilliant. I absolutely loved this.







The menu described it as Missi roti crisp and saffron tomato fondue. The presentation again was terrific. It was a paneer role with stuffing’s and tomato gravy. It was exquisite and palatable.



Dum ka kumbh basically is a mushroom dish with gravy. Slow oven cooked mushrooms with yogurt cashew and onion gravy. The mushrooms were very soft and superb. It’s a must try for all.



This was one of the best dal makhani I ever had in my life. The taste was out of this world. The coal smoke added more brilliance to it. I swear I was too much full but, I was just not in a mood to leave dal unfinished. It had such a tempting taste. A flavorsome dish.  A MUST TRY!





One can go in for Tandoori Roti, Laccha partha. But I would suggest try Shirmal roti at least once. You would love it.



By this time we were extremely full. First time ever I said a no to desserts. But, I had my Birthday Cake which was just the perfect thing I could have. 😀


Birthday Cake

Such a King Size Dinner I had. You should visit Bay Leaf for some exotic Indian cuisines.

You might find the prices a little high but IT’S WORTH IT.


King Size Dinner

I am still not able to forget the awesome dinner I had last night at this place. Best Dinner of my life. The best birthday gift I could ever have. One thing that my dad and I said after the dinner, “Pet to bhar gaya, par dil nahi bhara!” Also, now there is no need to travel Indore or Delhi for good food, because BAY LEAF is here! 😀

I will definitely visit this place again very soon.

Just make sure you book your table in advance. Call them up for reservation at: +91 755 3096236

In the end I want to thank a few people who made this dinner heavenly.

Mr. Elton Hurtis, GM, Courtyard by Marriott

Chef Ajay Chaudhary for the Brilliant food. The staff for being really cooperative and prompt service.

Thank You team Courtyard by Marriott.

Good Luck for the new venture. I am sure it’s going to be successful.

With Chef Amit Chaudhary


So, this was my review on Bay Leaf. Normally I rate places out of 5 points but, for the first time I am rating a place out of 10.

Bay Leaf: 10/10. Well deserved.


I wish Zomato comes to Bhopal officially and this place stands on the top of the list. 😀

So, I hope you all liked my post. Do drop in your feedback in the comment box.

Thank You in anticipation.


Happy Eating Fellas.


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